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At Sales Activation Group, we understand that a company’s ability to generate additional revenues defines their level of success and, therefore, must be a constant priority.  We are passionate about performance, growth and profitability and specialize in customized sales coaching, recruitment and training services.

As sales system architects, we first make sure that your sales strategy is on target.  We help you find star performers who deliver – we know how to identify top sales talent and align them to their roles ensuring that the right people are doing the right things.  We establish necessary behavioral metrics and accountability procedures so the team stays on track. We design customized strategic revenue plans based on the unique needs of each client and targeted prospect.  Then we begin an ongoing training regimen working with your team to maximize your lead generation and marketing initiatives.

Help is just a phone call away.   We’ll bring our 20+ years of experience and challenge your way of thinking to determine what you should do more of, less of, or differently. We’ll help you strategically increase revenues from existing customers while simultaneously developing new business opportunities.  As sales partners and coaches our clients can depend on us to get them better positioned for future growth.

If growing your business has been more of a struggle than you thought, we should talk.

Sales Activation Group


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